Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen (FB) *1963 in Copenhagen
Bass clarinet, Clarinet & Visuel performer
Primiére Prix Virtuosité on Clarinet from Conservatoire de Musique de Genevé. Classe: Thomas Friedli 1992.

Fritz has established international major culture exchange projects and played several first performances often connected to following CD releases.
 Since 1997 solo concert tours  in Scandinavia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, China, USA and 7 South American Countries on festivals like, The ICMC in Beijing (China), the ISCM in Hong Kong, Interactive Arts Performance Series, New York City (USA), International Computer Conference, Havana (Cuba), Bridges festival, Krakow (Poland) and Festival Syntese in Bourges (France).

A meeting with the danish composer Ejnar Kanding became an important artistically take off. In 1997  it established Ensemble Contemporánea, Live Electronics Denmark. The starting point is in the combination of classical score music and interactive electronic sound design. Kanding and Berthelsen committed themself to work with an innovative access to content, concert-form and context around. Often developed in a visual framework. The results soon proved the capability to attract brand new public fields for contemporary music. 

Fritz traveled in 1984 to the Faroe Islands to teach clarinet. After one year, it became the take off for 9 years of intensive conservatory studies and following a long carrier on clarinet, bass clarinet and visual performer. The study period was first in the magnificent westpart of Norway and later on – with a one year trip over Oslo Academy of Music  – to be continued in Geneva in central European Switzerland. In addition to the compulsory technical portfolios – studying with Soloclarinetist Haakon Vestly In Norway – (FB) learned exiting important tools for telling stories with the instrument. Later on, with the famous international Clarinet Soloist Thomas Friedli in Switzerland, it was about detailed aesthetics. This  in context to time, place and especially in relation to other art expressions. In this period (FB) develop high technical skills on both clarinet and bassclarinet.  The final years of study was with Soloclarinettist Art Rozeboom (Holland). This period were largely about being technically accomplished in order to be able to carry out the refined tasks in detail with appropriate results.